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Power foods

Power foods are foods that provide rich levels of nutrients like fibre, potassium and
With people becoming increasingly health conscious today, a lot of fitness trainers encourage
the people to include these foods in their daily diet to be healthy.There are various ways of incorporating power foods in your daily diet. Of course, the key to enjoy power foods is proper preparation of these foods, the use of fresh foods, and identifying your choice of flavour among power foods.Some of the famous power food combinations are those that are prepared in our kitchens on a regular basis. Take for instance, the combination of chickpeas and onions. This combination is a powerful source of iron which is required by the body to transport oxygen to its various parts. Iron deficiency can lead to anaemia, fatigue, brain fog and tiredness

Another favourite combination with power food takers is yoghurt and bananas. This makes for a
perfect snack after games and sports workout. Exercising burns g…


Tourism has emerged as the world’s largest industry. Tourism provides people with a change of place and a break from into monotony of daily life. It brings people of different nations together, allowing them to come into close contact with each other’s customs and others aspects of life. It showsscenic beauty and past heritage of a country to people belonging to other nations. The knowledgeand experience gained in the process can lead to greater understanding and tolerance and can even help in maintaining peace.

Tourism also contribute towards the economic development of a country. Tourism generates employment, and adds to the weal th of a nation. As every coin has two sides,so does Tourism industry.While tourism’s advantages are many, its undesirable side-effects have raised fresh
problems. Tourism can cause social, cultural or environmental disruption.

Hence, to promote safe tourism while ensuring that it remains a profitable industry, it
is imperative to understand the factors t…

Best School in Chandigarh

The journey of such incredibly long years of Ashiana Public School portray the blend of supreme intellect, innovation, research, distinctive collaboration and righteous assessments. The curriculum and pedagogy followed here have made this school as a chief dispenser of global and futuristic education with innovation and research being paramount ingredients The school is affiliated to CBSE and follows a uniform system of assessment, examination and report card for students.It has set standards for itself by being one of its kind in the tri-city. In addition to this, the school provides learning opportunities which appeal to children’s multiple intelligences and trigger in them a multiplicity of perspectives through a perfect mix of activities, excursions, intellectual accomplishments, aesthetic appreciation and sporting success, and thus encourage them to participate fully in all the competitions and activities of school life. At Ashiana Public School, the goal has al…


Admissions Fee Structure
Pre Primary Wing (Pre Nursery-U.KG) Admission charges(for new admissions only)-Rs.35000/-
Tuition Fee For Pre-Nursery - Rs.3500 p.m. (to be paid quarterly)
Tuition Fee For Nursery - Rs.3250 p.m. (to be paid quarterly)
Tuition Fee for the rest of the classes will be mention later on. Middle Wing (Classes I-V) Admission charges(for new admissions only)-Rs.35000/
Tuition Fee Rs. 3300 p.m. (to be paid quarterly) Senior Wing (Classes VI-X) Admission charges(for new admissions only)-Rs.35000/
Tuition Fee-Rs. 3600 p.m. (to be paid quarterly)

Top School In Chandigarh

At Ashiana, our primary focus is to create intelligent, healthy, happy and well-rounded children. We achieve this by assimilating a lot of extra-curricular activities along with formal education daily. We offer a wide range of activities from sports to music and dance, theatre to art and craft. The teachers are trained to take special care of academically weaker students. Parents are not expected to put in hours at home doing work that is meant to be done in school by teachers. Students neither require tuitions after school. The environment in the school premises has always been one of joy and energy with little stress for students.

Best Play way School in Chandigarh

Ashiana Public School attempts to make learning fun an memorable for the children so that they successfully enjoy the magical foundation years of their lives. The junior school offers an extremely vibrant, colourful, thematic, inviting and knowledgeable experience for a child to start his/her journey at school. The various levels of Kindergarten evidently symbolize the journey of a toddler who is learning to fly at a pace of his own. This very much reflects in the infrastructure of the junior school. With an access to the open courtyard on one side and knowledge walkways on the other side, the corridors are full of life that are next to real life experiences. The infrastructure has been designed keeping in mind the psychology of a young learner. The furniture has been designed with lot of innovation and research to suit the needs of the learners and at the same time the outlook express, the activity corner. The classrooms are ignite the spirit of research in the youn…